My phone is lost or was stolen - now what?


On the $10 plan, locations history, (timeline) stores the location history, then updates when on wifi or data.


Thanks so much for this great information! It’s very helpful! I lost my phone tonight and I chatted with Chris from Support and then looked at your blog. He had me go to Google’s device mgr. so I could wipe my phone. It wasn’t able to locate my phone but at least I’m not as anxious about my personal info. Thanks again!


1)Also get location @ maps-menu-timeline…
2)Also realize that all of the added aps (locate, track, find,gotya,etc) can be cleared off. The upside is your personal stuff is cleared also. I think you still have android “find my phone”
3)My preference is, keep anything sensitive in a password manager (lastpass, dashlane, etc)
4)Screen lock is your choice, depends on situation.
5) If your phone is stolen, you can go to your account and look at the call log. (see who is being called)