My phone is making calls without me - I think it's being used as a spoofing phone

I recently have had my request for extra data not go through due to a “declined card”. There was absolutely NO reason for this because the card on file is active and was used to charge my last monthly charge. So, puzzled, I looked through the site after I changed my CC info (ok, “updated”) and purchased the extra data I need. In poking around, I noticed the ability to “view calls & messages” so I looked at the log of my calls.

I was SHOCKED to discover that I have multiple calls to multiple numbers I don’t know (often back to back within the same minute. Some of the numbers are " ■■■■", " ■■■■", ■■■■ and "■■■■ ". (I have simply copied and pasted the numbers listed above and did not as “strong” or any other thing to the C/P other than quotation marks. Interestingly, the one that is marked “strong” shows a 1min 7sec call. I did NOT make that call. I know exactly what I was doing at the time and my phone was in my pocket!

Can someoen help me with this on the forum or do I need to submit a ticket?

Guess this site doesn’t want me to share the numbers, they appear blacked out to me. I hope support can see them the way I typed this in.

Hi @rfgibbs

Personal information such as phone numbers gets automatically redacted.

Were you checking the call log on your phone or the one you see using the account portal? The call log in the account portal uses an international time standard called UTC. You would need to convert from that to your local time. There are converters available on the Internet or you can just ask Google: “Convert 0400 UTC to EDT” for example.

Where exactly are you seeing these numbers? Online in the Call Records? On the phone?

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