My phone is no longer available in my area?

I bought a J3 about a year ago. I just went on to buy one for my husband and it’s not available. 5 months ago I came across a thread that enlightened me to the fact that the J3 only has 4 providers in my area while other equally priced phones have 12. Is this why it is no longer listed for me to purchase? Why would they have suggested it when I bought it?? I have not been thrilled with the coverage from day one. Had they let me know, I would have certainly purchased a different phone.

Good Morning @aprill.yee9ss,

Samsung is no longer manufacturing the 2016 version of the Galaxy J3 and Republic has sold out its’ remaining stock. Therefore, Republic is unable to sell you one.

You can probably still find one at a third party retailer, however, you’ll want to be certain you are purchasing the correct model SM-J320A with one of the following software build numbers:


If purchasing new, the easiest thing to do is look for the manufacturer’s SKU, which is SM-J320AZKAXAR (black) or SM-J320AZWAXAR (white). Samsung still has them here and here respectively. Do not buy any other variant of the J3 (specifically not the unlocked 2017 variant) as no other J3 variants have been qualified to work with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service.

You’ll also need to acquire a bring your own 3.0 SIM from Republic or from Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, two-day shipping is free.

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Thank you!!

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Hi @aprill.yee9ss,

I just reread your initial post and doing so has left me a bit confused. You mention wanting to purchase an additional J3 for your husband, which is the question I answered.

You also mention not being thrilled with your coverage. Is that with your current J3? If so, might we know the zip code where you’re having this experience. Sharing that information would allow us to assess your local coverage.

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Good point. I have been considering buying the least expensive moto to see if it’s better (for myself) We are creatures of habit and like Samsungs… just haven’t been willing to risk not liking a moto.

Sorry, zip is 33703

Hi @aprill.yee9ss,

So, you’re a fellow Floridian. I’m outside Fort Lauderdale.

According to Republic’s coverage check tool, your coverage experience should be good with a phone provisioned for either of Republic’s cellular partners. That’s fortunate because some phones (Samsung’s J3 among them) may only be provisioned for coverage with Republic’s GSM network partner. The Republic qualified J3 lacks hardware support for Republic’s CDMA partner Sprint. More on coverage from Republic here: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help. I’ve also looked at the underlying coverage maps for both partners and either look to provide equivalent coverage in 33703, so I wouldn’t let cellular network provisioning impact choice of phone.

The least expensive Moto qualified for Republic’s network is the Moto E4, which Republic sells for a very attractive $99. Samsung is selling the J3 for $129. Like the J3, the E4 (for now) must be provisioned with Republic’s GSM partner. Unlike the J3, the E4 does have hardware compatibility with Republic’s CDMA partner, however, a technical issue keeps Republic from provisioning the E4 with its’ CDMA partner until sometime later this year.

For what it’s worth, I have a J3 in my household. I’ve also recently acquired a Moto E4 Plus. One might think of the E4 Plus as the E4’s big brother. Other than a larger screen (5.5" as opposed to 5") and a much bigger battery, the E4 series are the same phone. Both the J3 and E4 have a user replaceable battery (the big battery in the E4 Plus is not user replaceable).

Samsung uses an AMOLED screen on the J3 giving colors a rich vibrant look. Other than that, in my opinion, the E4 is in every way a better phone. Perhaps this side-by-side comparison will help:,5468,5498.

Lastly, please know Republic offers a 14-day no questions asked guarantee. You might try the E4 and if things don’t work out return it, then buy the J3 elsewhere. More on Republic’s guarantee here: Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help.


Wow. Thank you for the thorough explanation. We will try the moto for hubby & Ill get one if we like it I am not tech savvy and couldn’t get answers to another question months ago so gave up… Do you happen to have any dea why my voice to text might have stopped working? Or how to approach it? I can’t figure it out. (I also don’t like that I can’t enter when texting. It’s a dang smiley face where enter should be to go to the next line…

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Hi @aprill.yee9ss,

My guess on the voice to text issue is microphone access is hiding. To get that back, tap and hold the key immediately to the left of the space bar. Doing so should present the option to select your microphone in place of whatever is presently occupying the referenced key. Once done, tapping the microphone should bring up the voice to text interface. Please see below:


As for the problematical emoticon key that has decided to substitute itself for the return key while using a messaging app, this seems to be a “feature”. I don’t like it anymore than you do. So far, the best I’m able to do for a “fix” is to replace the bundled Samsung keyboard. Google’s Gboard will do the trick:

Should I come up with a better solution on the latter issue, I’ll post back.

I get this screen but when I tap to speak it is briefly green and immediately says try again…

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