My phone is not attached to my account

I purchased my phone on this account. I see the initial bill. But the billing comes on my gmail account that I created for this phone [redacted]. But, it won’t let me log in via the [redacted] account. It says it doesn’t exist.

How do I put the biling on the right account? this one?


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Hi @douglass.tklef6,

If you’re not able to sign in with the E-mail account used when you set up the phone, you’ll have to have help from our support team, who will need to verify your identity with some specific information. I apologize that it’s a rather tedious process, but we are under federal regulations and must protect the privacy and security of each account.

It looks like there’s yet another initial in the e-mail address you used when you set up the account the phone is on, if that helps at all.

Moving a phone from one account to another is not an easy process. Instead, it will be easier to just move the E-mail address you prefer to use to manage your phone account to the account where the phone is activated.

These are the steps you would follow:

  1. Log into the RW account you were posting from here, the one you used to buy the phone. Change that account’s E-mail address to something else, to free up that E-mail address.

  2. Log into the RW account that the phone is currently associated with and change its E-mail address to the one you just freed up.

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