My phone is set to accept emergency calls only. How can I turn that off?

my phone is set to accept emergency calls only. How can I turn that off?

do you mean something like:

if so you may not have a sim installed
the phone may be locked to a carrier and your trying to use a sim for another carrier
you don’t have cell service, not activated …
you did not pay your bill and your service has been cut off…
the sim could have gone bad
the sim reader has gone bad
you used the nano sim in the a micro sim slot
the phone was dropped and knocked the sim out of alignment

ok if it was working before, power down and remove the sim and reinstall it
then power on the phone,

let us know


I moved this to the #problems category so people know you need troubleshooting. Please let them know what phone you have so they can give more targetted advice. The more detailed you are about your issue the better/faster we can help you.

  • Did this ever work?
  • When did this issue begin?
  • Is the screen locked?
  • Can you give us a screenshot of the phone? Helps us know what you are seeing.
  • Does the phone work on WiFi?

I had this issue with the GSM sim. It was happening to me when the reception was bad or when roaming.
Does this happen to you everywhere or just in certain places?
Is this a new issue? The tower that you are trying to connect to might be having issues.
If wifi works to make calls then your phone is active.
Did you try rebooting the phone?

It’s been happening in Canada. I have to restart every time I want to make a call. Heading home now, so hope everything will be ok back in the States.

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We offer no cellular service in Canada, so that is to be expected.

^^^ I was just about to post that.

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