My phone is turning into an intercom


many times I have people sending me a text because they are not able to call me, my phone will ring once and that’s it…then the person who is attempting to call me will hear whats taking place as my phone is in my purse…they can hear me having conversations with other people, or hear music playing or other random things that a phone would hear while being in my purse. Any idea why this is happening?


Hi @jlchlmrs

Sorry to hear of this dilemma. It would be helpful to know which device you are using, and if it a new issue or has been persistent, do you have a screen protector on the device?.

The devil may be in the details. Any details you can provide would be greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


Huawei 5


And to elaborate a bit on the details … things that help
Does this happen on Cell, WiFi or both?
If WiFi … at home or work?


no screen protector being used.


happens while out and while at home.


At home, can you force it to Cell and recheck?
Settings/WiFi … toggle WiFi off


shall I try that now?


okay I just tried that from my land line had the cell wifi toggled off and it rang as should be…hmmm


Hi again @jlchlmrs.

Do you ever power cycle your device? (off/on).

Also, have you ever tried some basic “housekeeping” tasks such as Clearing the Cache ?.
This can often help resolve odd behavior.


yes I typically power off every night. I also always use the RW phone manager to stop unnecessary apps from running.


how do I clear the cache?


I posted the link to the document for the 5W above. :slightly_smiling_face:


okay great trying a reboot right now.


I suppose only time will tell now…thanks for your help


I’m not familiar with what you are referring to, but I don’t have a 5W. I know others around have some so we can see if they can chime in as well.


Hi @jlchlmrs,

Not to try to be too basic, but it sounds to me like the phone is answering the call, if it rings once and then the person can hear you. Have you looked at your call history to see if there are inbound calls you didn’t realize had taken place?

I don’t have Ascend 5W handy to check settings for any sort of accessibility function that might make it easy for the call to be answered while riding in a purse. @Experts, do you have any ideas along those lines?

Have you added any apps to the phone that might include some sort of option to answer the phone by pressing the power button, lifting the phone, or speaking a command??

Do you have phone paired with any Bluetooth devices?


oh yes for sure I have calls in my call log that I had not idea they were attempting to contact me. I have also just attempted to call my cell from another cell and the same thing is still happening and I also tried to call it from the landline to no avail, same thing…


and what makes matters worse is theres no way for them to leave a voicemail as the call will remain live as long as the person calling wants to ease drop into my world. pretty frustrating.
also no new apps have been added that would require hands free or anything of that nature.


sorry neglected to answer re: blue tooth…no don’t ever have that running. its off