My phone isn't making any call outside wifi



I have a samsung S9 plus and as of 2 days ago my phone stopped making calls outside wifi. This is my work phone and i need this cleared up as soon as possible! Thank you jaine


the 1st thing to try is to reset your republic server connection, on WiFi dial *#*#8647#*#*


Just a quick additional note, since you’re on a Samsung, after dialing the code provided above you’ll need to hit the call button.


Hi @johnwardle,

Do you hear a recorded message when you try to place a call?
Is there a small “x” on the cellular signal-strength bar icon?


Thanks for the responses. Resetting the server had no effect and there is no ‘x’ visible. The problem is with my wife’s phone which has been working normally for sometime but started with the problem a couple of days ago.

It seems to be working normally again now.

With the error though, when I tried calling her I got a message saying there were no circuits available followed by a second different message which said an error had occurred and then gave an error code which was different each time I called.


Hi @johnwardle,

I believe your wife’s phone was impacted by the same issue that we saw here:

We’ve now rolled out a fix for that issue, but please let us know if you have any further trouble.


Many thanks. Will do.


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