My phone just now started showing "No SIM card."



My phone just now started showing “No SIM card.”


mine did also, so I ordered a new sims card and now I cant send text


Hi @merlej.9pvpn5,

Can you tell us which phone you have?


Thought I said that in the post. Moto E 2nd generation with 4G LTE


The SIM for the 2nd gen Moto E is an older one and can only be provided by Republic support [the one on sale at Republic is only for the newer 3.0 phones] if you haven’t already please open a ticket


If you swipe away the error does the phone appear to work correctly, despite the error?


Do you also have an E2 or a different phone? If not an E2 (or another Legacy phone) then your issue might be unrelated.

Also, if you could describe in a little bit more detail what happened since the No SIM error.
It sounds like your No SIM error is gone now…or did it persist after you got the new SIM card?
Is inability to send text the only symptom? Does your phone work for phone calls?


Hi @amitl,
We worked through @starbor1’s issue in a separate topic.


@merlej.9pvpn5 Are you still getting a SIM error? Did you try swiping it away and seeing if the phone still works as expected off of wifi?


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