My phone Moto G 4th gen. acts crazy from day one



It will add characters in text, open apps, go to specific commands and basically acts like it’s possessed. I’ve deleted app after app and haven’t found the issue. Is the screen too sensitive? Do I need a new phone, how do I replace phone? please help.


If your phone’s symptoms match the ones in the one star reviews at Amazon, then contact the place you bought the phone from and return it. If you bought the phone from Republic less then 14 days ago, open a support ticket and use the chat line for faster service. Make sure you tell support you are returning a defective phone.

Republic Help Customer Reviews: Moto G (4th Gen.) Unlocked - Black - 16GB

For warranty repairs.

Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.


Hi @daronf.chfjbk,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties! Your phone may indeed have defective hardware or may be suffering from a software issue. Here’s the process for determining that:

  1. Clearing the Cache
  2. Safe Mode
  3. Factory Reset

Please stop after each step to see if the issue resolves. If you get to and the issue survives a factory reset, it likely is a hardware issue. For that, you would need to raise a help ticket with Republic. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.