My phone now has a bad echo for those who call me

This is a new issue which started about 2 wks ago… How do I fix it? It’s a Huawei Nexus phone…

Hi @susant.uz9skr,

This is a known issue we are experiencing on certain phones on Android 7.1.1, and we are awaiting a fix in an Android update. In order to be notified of progress for the fix, please open a support ticket explaining the issue, and ask that your ticket be attached to master ticket 1038222.

Workarounds to avoid the issue until a permanent fix is in place include covering the noise-cancellation microphone on the back of the phone during calls, or switching the phone to cell, as the problem seems to be unique to Wi-Fi calling.

Is this also a known issue for the Huawei Ascend 5W? I know before I saw people talking about it, but don’t think it is running 7.1.1. My wife is getting quite frustrated since she is a speaker phone talker. I don’t see a noise-cancellation mic on back, like Nexus, and the only work around I can find is to turn off wifi before making a call (and then trying to remember to turn it back). I thought the during call handover to cell option would work, but our Ascend won’t successfully hand over. Perhaps that is another issue? I will open help ticket, but just haven’t had time to fully examine every scenario yet. This post was tagged in the Huawei Ascend category so was wondering if the Master Ticket 1038222 applied here as well (or if there was another one). Thanks.

Hi @aashleyk.0hsdda,

Master ticket 1038222 is unique to the Nexus phones. I have located a master ticket for an echo on the Ascend on Wi-Fi with speakerphone turned on. It is master ticket number 1032327. Please do create a ticket and ask that it be attached to that master ticket.

The issue has been identified, and the fix is included in a coming Android update, currently being tested.

I do not see any sort of known issue about the Ascend failing to hand over from Wi-Fi to cell, so please ask for help troubleshooting that, since getting that working would at least make this situation easier for her to manage until the update.

Thank you very much for this information. Will follow-thru with your suggestions.

Hi @southpaw
I’ve been experiencing this issue recently and I have Android 7.1.2 on my Nexus 6p. Can you provide the master ticket number (as it seems to be hidden in this forum – possibly from migration from the old community) so I may open a new ticket?

Workarounds I’ve found helpful are:

  • Turning off wifi during a call (so the call switches to cell – as already mentioned)
  • Putting the call on speaker phone
  • Waiting a minute or two (perhaps for the bonded calling to sync up) until the echo for the caller goes away


P.S. Sorry to post on such an old thread, but it seemed a good fit for my post…

Sorry, it’s 1038222. I haven’t checked on its status lately, but will try to do so when I return. (I’m off for a few days for an annual volunteer commitment.)

Thanks! And thanks for replying during your time off.


The HELP people fm Republic Wireless also suggested putting masking tape over the speaker on the back of the phone. I have done that; it seems to have solved the problem. No more echo !

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