My phone number changed.... without me asking

My phone number just changed by itself. What’s going on? Is it just me?

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Can you give us a little more detail about what’s going on? Were you trying to move your number to our 5.0 plan? What kind of phone do you have?

I wanted to put my wife’s number onto another phone my son just gave up. So after spending Thursday on the chat line, I ended up ordering another SIM card. Today I get a message my phone number was changed. Turns out they put my wife’s number on my phone and mine on her phone. I don’t know why.

Okay, so it sounds like you know what has happened. Are you working with the Help Team to get it changed back, or do you need my help?

It’s not something the Community would be able to assist with.

I sent in a ticket. I need to get this fixed tonight. But I think they are closed for the night

Our Help Team does not close for the night.


I’m awaiting your reply in your ticket.

I did reply.
7405 is back to Gpower. however the E4 is not seeing the network.


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when I log onto the web site to see my ticket, I see the Fetching Ticket with Green arc animation going…but it never finds my ticket

Can you tell me more about what “The E4 is not seeing the network” means? What are you seeing on the phone? Have you rebooted the phone? Is it on WiFi? What network is it not seeing?

I have the same exact issue when trying to view tickets. I found the clicking on “My Lines” and then going back to “Help” will enable them to load.

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