My phone number does not work and Customer Service has been ignoring me for days

I have had an ongoing issue over several days for which I submitted a help ticket (when my contacts dial my number, they reach the voicemail box of a person I do not know and have no way of identifying. This renders my service unusable and seems like a huge security breach)

When I attempt to reach customer service, they cancel my help tickets without acknowledgement. I did briefly have an exchange with a customer service rep when I indicated that I wanted to cancel and order for a purchase. At that point, I had their attention but only as long as it took them to ask if I would reconsider my decision not to spend several hundred dollars. After I replying that I did not want to re-instate the order, they returned to ignoring me and canceling my help tickets

That’s what’s been happening for me since last week and customer service has refused to acknowledge my request for support

What phone do you have?
Google Pixel 2XL

What plan are you on?
My Choice + 3GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
3GB data

Issue Description

When my friends and family dial my number, they are directed to a voicemail box of a stranger.
When I attempted to contact RW for customer support, they close my help tickets without acknowlegement

Hi @nicoleb.nupdev,

I’ve merged all of your topics into a single topic. There’s no need to post the same thing multiple times.

I’ll take a look at your ticket history to see if I can figure out why you feel you are being ignored, as this is not how our Help Team operates. If you are opening multiple Help Tickets, they are most likely being merged into a single one, much as I have done here, and sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the one that is still open.

Hi @nicoleb.nupdev,

I’ve reviewed your ticket history and see that your tickets have all been merged into a single ticket. The content of your multiple tickets is neither hidden nor deleted, it is simply compiled into a single ticket so that the Help Team can focus on the details being provided in a single place, and so one team can assist you. Having multiple teams try to help with a single issue just creates additional problems.

A member of our help team was working on a reply to you as I looked in, and that has now been sent to you.

When you open multiple new tickets, it actually slows the process of getting help to you, as the agents must spend time merging the tickets rather than working on researching and resolving the issue.

I had several different types of issue with my account arise in rapid succession. One of those was the result of a data error on my part. That was my fault. All of my other issues were then collected under a ticket related to billing and I was told that I would have to wait until after the weekend for it to be resolved. I understood that an accounting department would have a M-F schedule, but before the weekend I asked about the status of the tickets I had submitted related to security concerns about my account and billing discrepancies that were unrelated to my data entry error. That question was never responded to. When my faith in the company to provide me with a phone was eroded, I decided to purchase a phone elsewhere. I contacted billing again to cancel the pending order and received a rapid response to that, asking that I reconsider my decision not to spend the money at RW. I still did not want to place the order through RW, but asked again about the status of my other issues. I no longer had the attention of customer service and the ticket was being treated as resolved. I was unable to get a response to my non-billing question without opening a new ticket. But my non-billing tickets were being folded into the billing question, which was no longer relevant. I understand that in some cases it is more efficient to combine issues into a single ticket. In this instance however, the problems were sufficiently unrelated that doing so resulted in my concerns about the security of my account being unacknowledged for days.

Hi @nicoleb.nupdev,

The timing of the pending order question and the reply were coincidental, and related only to our billing manager’s availability. We do not prioritize tickets by the amount of money the member intends to spend, and our profit margin on phones sold in the online store is so slim, that such prioritization would be ridiculous.

You are correct that the order question and the call routing question should never have been merged, and that matter has already been addressed with the team responsible.

The routing question is now in the correct technical team’s hands, and if you are not yet satisfied with the resolution and apology they have provided, please let them know in the ticket.

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