My phone number is showing up as a different number when I call out

Please help me! When I call people, it shows up on their call id as a different phone # that I am not familiar with.

This does not happen when I am texting.

Other people are able to call me with my number but they’ve also been able to call me with the other phone # that shows up on their caller id on outbound calls.

Has this happened to anyone else and what do I need to do to fix it?

Hi @baileyf and welcome to the Community!

This may fix the experience:

Ignore the red warning banner.

If the activation refresh doesn’t sort the issue, the next step would be uninstalling the Republic app (on some phones it’s only possible to uninstall updates to the Republic app), restarting the phone, then reinstalling the Republic app (or its updates).

If more specific guidance on the uninstall/reinstall routine is desired, please share with us the brand, model and generation of your phone?