My phone number is sometimes displayed as another number

Have used the same Motorola phone for 4 and a half years. Lately (about a year), I have been receiving calls from people who have called a completely unrelated number, and reached MY phone instead. Even a few calls to 911 have shown the dispatcher that I am calling from a different number. Not always the same number, either. Just wondering if anyone knows what that is about?

due to the way Republic’s Hybrid WiFi 1st VOIP with cell backup system works all republic phones have an underlying carrier number that when dialed would ring the phone. this number is can change at any time for a number of reasons and should not be given due this (I will also note that all calls to 911 default to the cell system using that underlying number )

drm186 - Thank you for the explanation of the “mystery” phone numbers!

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My last phone was doing this and updating the Republic App re-registered it on the network and it stopped.

Thanks for the tip, bruce! I’ll try that with my phone.

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