My phone says turn on cellular data

Will turning on cellular data add to my bill

You need cellular data turned on in order for your phone to function as it should. You will not be charged any extra for having this turned on.

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@michellen is correct for all Republic phones the Cell Data and Roaming data need to be on in the Android setting

Republic is a prepay service and you will not see any surprises in the next bill

for 3.0 one can turn off cell data in the Republic app so save the data on your tier until you want to use it (though it is use it or lose it at your billing cycle) (3.0 does not have user roaming data )


I would like a clarification. I have the $15/mo talk & text plan, with NO CELLULAR DATA. I understand from this post that having the cellular data switched on will not cause me to be charged. However, if I actually use my phone is such a way that it accesses cellular data, in spite of my Plan, won’t I be charged? I have been keeping it shut off, and the phone works fine unless I try to text on the cellular network. I can live with that.

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Hi @johnt.s51ti6

The RW app itself uses ‘some’ cellular data itself. A customer is never charged for that data, and there have never been any overage charges on RW, (it has always been static in that regard).

Which phone are you using?, and which texting app are you using?, is always good information.

edited for clarity?, lol, hope that helps :relaxed:

@southpaw My phone says turn on cellular data

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Hi c1tobor, I am using my new Moto E4 Plus, which, BTW, is a great phone for me, since I don’t use data except on WiFi and it has great battery life. As for which “texting app” I’m using, I don’t know—it’s whatever came with the phone (I’m not a techy). Thanks for your clarification re the data on-off switch.

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It is not possible for you to use cell data on the $15 plan, no matter how hard you try. You should leave data enabled in order to assure proper operation. The phone will use what it needs and you can’t do anything that would cause you to incur charges.

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Your welcome!. I can see from your profile you have been around RW for a while. Glad you asked, great question or “clarification” as it were.

Hi @c1tobor,

I’m not sure why the ping? Looks like y’all have everything capably answered.

The only thing I see missing in these answers is a link to documentation.

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