My phone stopped making/receiving calls!



I have had service for 10 months now and have had nothing but problems. I have a moto x 2nd generation and after following directions from customer service I attempted to “make sure I am connected to the network”. I did this and

I receive a message stating: this phone isn’t configured to make calls. Do you want to change this phone’s plan?



Please go through the numbered troubleshooting steps in this document

You will need a good WiFi connection to complete these steps.

Make and Receive a Phone Call


This was unhelpful. I attempted to check my republic wireless app and it states that my phone hasn’t been activated yet. I have had it for 10 months


Please open a help ticket.

If you already have a ticket open and waiting on a response…please post your ticket number here.


1012260 is the ticket number.

I am unable to make calls, my husband can call me, but he cannot receive calls.


Have you received any response from Republic Support?


No, I have been attempting to have this issue resolved for sometime. The last response I received was on Monday


I tried troubleshooting and can’t get through all steps. I get errorcode comms_socket_error. I have been getting this error code for months when I attempted to access internet with no avail.


I have requested Republic Help to take a look at your ticket. You should have a response back from them soon.


Thank you, it’s very difficult to function without being able to be reached and to make calls