My phone stopped working...went black?


Ummm, after two years my MotoX 2nd Gen decided to quit on me? What the heck??


Hi @rayc.omjwn5,

Sadly, electronics of all kinds sometimes die before we are ready for them to do so.

As a starting point, I suggest holding the power button down for what might seem to be an inordinate length of time (up to 2 minutes) to see if the phone might reboot. If uncertain about the phone’s charge status, stick it on its charger for a half hour before trying the preceding.


The X2 displays the battery charge level for a few seconds shortly after it is plugged in. Try plugging it into a couple of chargers using different cables to see if the charge level display appears. If does, bring it up to a 30% charge and try what @rolandh suggested.