My phone tracked me

General Android phone question about something that happened today.
I went to a restaurant I’ll call “Mary’s Cafe”. I didn’t do maps or navigation, and I paid cash.

Later when I got home, my phone had a notification asking me to rate how my visit to “Mary’s Cafe” was, and to give a review !! I didn’t do anything with my phone having to do with the restaurant.

Is this something new? Do I need to turn off my location more often?
I guess we were always being tracked, but this just reminded me in a new way.

Check to see if Google’s Location History “feature” is turned on.

Yes, it’s on. I don’t think it was before, because today was a new thing.

I turned it off. Not sure if I need that service.


Location History tracks your every move. IMO, a huge privacy issue.

BTW, you can go into your Google account and delete the existing location history log.

It’s not something new for me. Happens all the time. It has for years. I even get sent a report every month on places I’ve visited. Movements are always tracked. By your car, cell phone (if not Google or Apple, then your carrier), where you use a credit card, ATM, loyalty card, Facebook check-ins, etc… And there are aggregators who take all these various data points and assemble an entire portfolio.

I have every Google history function disabled. And I have Google Assistant disabled, along with just about every other Google app. But that won’t stop tracking. The money being made with tracking individuals is just too good for honest people to give up - they will always find a way to know more about you than you even think is possible. Heck, FB could probably diagnose your latest symptom and what you ate that may have exacerbated them: and do it better than your doctor.

I knew that location was tracked, but the request for a restaurant review was just blatant and really woke me up!
I turned off the location history, though since I use Maps, they’ll still find me.
I guess the only way out is to not have a smartphone…
Thanks for all of your responses!

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Hi @nancym001,

I actually like having location history on. I used it just the other day to find a pottery shop I had visited 2 years ago, whose name I couldn’t recall. It can also help you find where your phone was last “seen” if you ever lose it.

Maybe I’m naive, but I can’t really think of any “bad” reason I should worry about the fine folks at Google caring where I am at any given moment. I’m just not that important that they would care.

But Google does try very hard to get people to “engage”, and that’s not something I’m interested in. You can keep location history on and turn off things like that request for a review.
In fact, there may be a lot of other Google prompts you’d want to turn off. Take a look…

  • Open the Maps app
  • Tap your user icon at top right
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Notifications
  • Tap “Your reviews” and turn off the things you don’t want to be prompted to leave feedback about
  • Tap back
    You may want to tap your way through all the other options in that Notifications menu to turn off some of the other items, as well.