My phone WiFi signal become weak suddenly

my phone is fine but suddenly when I connect it to the WiFi the signal become weak even if the WiFi has strong signal strength in others devices is there a way to fix it?, I already try to reboot my phone and clear data of the WiFi setting but still it’s signal is weak no matter what WiFi I’m connected.

Your description points to something within the phone, if I am understanding it. Here are a couple of questions for you, so we can offer further things to try

  • Which phone?
  • Multiple WiFi’s … is the problem same on 2.4 Ghz as it is on 5 Ghz?

ETA: Reason for these questions, there is different hardware for each band and some phone provide diagnostics which would help further advise you.


my phone is oppo A7 i think i know the problem now many oppo a7 user like me is having same issue like mine maybe because of the phone update other phone with 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz doesn’t have a problem with WiFi.

If that is the phone you are using, then the problem is that it is not compatible with Republic Wireless.

Are you a Republic Wireless customer?

The list of Compatible phones is here:
Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

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