My phone will not stay connected to my home Wi-Fi


Our household has two RW accounts. Both have MotoG, 3rd gen phones and all updates have been kept up. Today, both phones will not connect via the house WiFi. I am on a different item utilizing the WiFi, so I know the connection is valid and strong. However, when attempting to connect on my phone it says connection is weak and does not connect as it normally does. Note–the notification always indicates a very strong signal, no matter where I am in the house. Is there something with RW going on today??


It seems quite improbable that anything going on with Republic could impact your home wifi. The first recommendation in a case like this, yes even with other devices working, is restarting your home wifi router.


I did that after posting, which I would normally do first thing considering my background. Checked both phones and they are WiFi connected, then checked this forum. Thanks for your post. It is a reminder to me that powering down all devices, and power-cycling the router should always be my first option. I appreciate your help!!


I’m trying to download the WhatsApp…it’s not working. Someone help me?


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Thanks for the shout out for a power cycle … it’s quite important and is one of the 1st things checked in WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide … this is a collection of lessons learned/info gleaned from other community users and only one of many found in Tips & Tricks - Community Forums


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