My phone won't start



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Motorola G3 (3rd Generation)
$25 500MB data plan, refund if not used.

Phone will not start

This is rather mysterious. My phone was charged up, inserted into my purse this morning, and later, at work, retrieved it and it would not start. Screen black. If you tilt the phone, you can see a faint light screen. Two vibrations when I press the start button and hold it down.

I’m rather nervous about this. The phone is only about a year old. I’ve had it hooked up to a charger since 7:45 pm, and it’s almost 9 pm and it’s still doing the same thing.

Is the chat option gone, now?


Chat option is alive and well on the Help page
You may want to check out the power section of the Troubleshooting Guide by Motorola


How long have you held the power button down for? If not for at least a full 2 minutes, I would try that as my first step.


Gosh, haven’t held the power button down for 2 full min. Will give that a try. back again Well that did it! May I tell you MANY THANKS! THANKS!


I had the very same problem and holding down the power button for 1 minute and it rebooted. Thanks!


Such good advice. I have never seen anything like Republic when it comes to helping people out.


@brianp.190 @sherrye @coteyankee … now you can become one of the helping Republic community the next time you see this question (that’s how most of us have learned)


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