My replacement phone arrived, but no return label was included

I just received my replacement phone for a defective phone. However, no return label was included, nor do I see a link to print one.

where do I find the link to print the label to return my defective phone

Typically this is sent out as an e-mail attachment in PDF format. Have you checked recent correspondence with RW?

Nope no pdf email. And the only “label” enclosed specifically says do not use for shipping.

this exact same thing happened to me…

a refurbished replacement phone arrived in the mail with no return shipping labels or anything for my old phone.

what the heck

I got the replacement phone and no email with a return label. How can I send back the defected phone when they don’t send a return label.

Unless support sends you a return label you will be unable to return the phone. Open a ticket or if you already have one open, reply to it. Check your spam filter.

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