My Republic Savings Story #myrwsavings

Evidently today is my 4-year anniversary with RW. Time flies. They asked me to post my story, but since I have standards, I do not participate in social media of any kind, so it is being posted here, where it all began. Four years ago, I was desperate to get away from my very expensive Sprint plan with 3 phones. I googled “the cheapest cell phone carriers” and Republic Wireless appeared. I did my investigation and tried a Moto G first gen phone and it turned out to be great. Got 2 more phones and only paid $30 a month for all three on the basic plan. Today, I still have 3 lines of service on the newest plan, whatever it is. They keep changing. While I pay a bit more as two phones need data, I still only pay $15 a month for my phone without data. It’s a win-win. Love the new phone offerings and I am still a fan. Keep up the good work.

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