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I wanted to give my review, as it stands of Republic Wireless. My wife and I have been with RW for a little over two weeks now. We were looking to make a change in cell providers and started researching options. A buddy of mine (@davidp.6c7j4l) introduced me to RW. He said he had been with them for about 4 years. After telling me about it, I started looking more into the RW’s service and the phones options offered.

After checking zip codes, I found that zip codes where we’d most likely be off WiFi (parks, shopping centers, etc.), suggested GSM service. But zip codes where we worked and lived suggested CDMA. I checked the coverage maps, RootMetrics and the GSM & CDMA providers’ coverage maps. Things showed we should have good coverage everywhere we’d be in the metro, with either provider. But the GSM provider was new to our area and I had some concerns.

This is where I got my first exposure the stellar support staff. I had a lot of questions. But it boiled down to, if I chose the bring my own device option and the GSM service does not work as well, would I be able to switch to CDMA service. They told me the two phones we were deciding between could be switched to CDMA if need be.

We decided on and ordered the phones. The same night I ordered SIM cards from RW. Once the phones and SIM cards were received, I activated my phone and took it for it’s first “test drive”. The test call over WiFi worked and sounded really nice. However, I walked down to the mailbox (just outside WiFi reach), no cell service. The next day on the drive into work, we had no service for most of our 10 minute commute. Then while traveling to different locations for work, I kept having really spotty coverage. However, wherever I had WiFi, the phone worked great!

I started another chat session and explained the spotty service. Without any hassle, they sent out two CDMA SIM cards for free! I had to wait about a week to get them, but it has been worth the wait! While waiting, I had the chance to use the GSM service even in areas where RW’s site recommended. Even in those areas, the signal was not strong. I don’t think I ever got a full signal while using the GSM SIM Card. In some areas I would have almost full bars outside, but little to no bars once I went inside.

NOTE: This is a coverage issue with the GSM provider, not RW. What I eventually found out was, the GSM provider’s maps are VERY optimistic for our area. I hear the service coverage has come along way in our market and in some parts of the Metro there is excellent GSM service. However, it seems it still needs a lot of work. YMMV!

Now that we have the CDMA SIM cards, we are getting the same great coverage we had with our Sprint service. With a company that knows the value of great support. People point out there is no number to call but I’m okay with that. I’d rather have an awesome support experience via chat or email, rather than a crappy experience over the phone any day!

The other thing that has been great, is the users of this forum. Everyone has been so nice and I’ve always gotten a quick response. There always seems to be one of the Experts or Ambassadors online, ready to answer any questions that might arise!

If the past week is any indication of the service and support we can expect long term from RW, then they have two new, life-long customers!

I almost forgot, the SAVINGS! We are now paying ~$30 less each month compared to the service cost we were paying! With the savings, my wife and I were able to get the upgraded phones we wanted and we’re still paying less than we were before!

TLTR: After a rocky start but stellar support to save the day, we’re very happy with the switch to Republic Wireless!


Hi @ithink2020,

Thanks for the positive review! It’s very good to see someone recognize the value of our online support model. I’m particularly delighted to read that you’ve been well-served by our Community and am glad to see you participating and offering help to others, as well.

Enjoy those savings! $30 a month is significant money from my perspective!

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