My Samsung J3 has stopped receiving texts

What phone do you have? Samsung J3

What plan are you on? 1 MB Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All

Issue Description

I am able send texts, but no longer receive them. This started about 3-4 weeks ago after a couple of years without a problem texting. I do not receive any texts from anyone, whether on wifi or cell service. I tried cleaning out everything by archiving and deleting, I made sure my phone was on the latest RW release, I rebooted the phone and I turned off and removed the battery and rebooted. I also removed and reinstalled the messaging service.

Do you have any suggestion? I know I’ve fiddled with some of the settings, to try to fix things, too, but no luck.


Can you tell us what messaging App you’re using? Does it’s icon look like this :messages: like this :anywhere: or something else?


It looks like the first icon, the blue one.

OK, let’s try a credential reset to see if this impacts the situation.

Open the dialer, as if you were going to dial a phone number and enter *#*#8647#*#* then hit the call button as if to place the call. The screen should clear. When it does, simply restart the phone.

Then give texting a try, did that have any impact?


Bingo! We have a winner! At least my hubby and I are able to text both ways. I will keep the credential tip in my hip pocket. Wonder how I was de-credentialed?

Appreciate your help! :clap:



Sometimes the link can just be lost, for no particular reason, and need to be reset. In the several years I’ve had the service I’ve had it happen no more than a few times but, it does happen.


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