My samsung s7 will not send videos

I can send a video to myself in a text, but not to anyone else. I was told that the software won’t allow it. Is that true?

I was told it is an Android problem?

Do you see the video from from you PC here:

If so, you can send it from there. If not, go to the Photos app and set it up to sync with the Google cloud.

I still want to know if it is or isn’t a problem with Android?

I ;just sent a short video to my SO using Republic Anywhere:

I have an S7 too.

If you’re comparing the way messaging on an iPhone works to the way it works on Android there is a fairly significant difference. When sending messages to other iPhone users an iPhone avoids the carrier infrastructure and uses Apple’s iMessage infrastructure. This means the message isn’t actually being sent as a text but is going over cellular data. Because of this the limits that are caused by the message being sent by the carrier’s texting insfrastructure are bypassed.

SO, if you’re comparing to an iPhone, yes it is different.

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So what I think you’re telling me is, if I send a video to an Android user, it will work. If I send it to one who has an iPhone it won’t?

That’s not what I’m telling you at all. I’m telling you that you should not be counting on setting videos by text messaging. To send a video the best option is to open the Google Photos App on your phone, select the video there and use the share function to send a link.


I had the same issue with my Samsung. Sorry it’s very frustrating and hopefully it will be resolved. Mine never was.

Yes, using Google Photos does work, but I have been trying to avoid the Google Photo application due to the privacy issue.

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I am fully aware google photos work,…sending videos via messages for me as well never worked…people get a blank bubble…

what if you do not use this?? The people on the receiving end who use ATT/Verizon/Sprint etc never get my videos

I suspect you are running into size limitations. Videos get HUGE in short order. From a google search:

" Most current mobile phones and operator networks support MMS . The maximum message size (along with the attachments) is generally limited to 300KB ( MMS 1.2), but recently the MMS 1.3 standard has allowed for a maximum size of 600KB. Wireless carriers however can impose their own size restrictions .

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Are you telling me that you can send a video by using Republic Anywhere?

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I have sent small 30 second clips, within the size limitations and nothing ever goes.

But thank you for the info!

A 30-second clip would certainly exceed the size limits. That makes for a very large file.

I have attempted to send 4 second ones as well…trust me I have tried it all

This is how it is done from Anywhere.

Select recipient
Tap on paperclip
Tap on Camera icon
Take picture or video

MSM is not for the transfer of large video. The best technique with these is sharing them from the Google cloud.

Right now even google photos is being frustrating:

My phone and pc pics dont match on google photos…

In the Photos app try this:

Tap on three lines top-left
Scroll down to Settings and Tap
Tap on Back up & Sync (you should see your Gmail address under that option)
Backup and sync should be ON
Backup account should be your account. It will show you how much room you have left.
You will probably want to turn the cellular backup options off.

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