My sim card does not work all the time. I'm sick of this


My sim card has a problem. You have given me instructions before, but the same problem continues.
If it does not get fixed ASAP, I’ll change carrier.


  • As this is a user forum, the majority of the help you can get (here), will come from fellow users/members so any additional information you provide may help.
    • Which phone?
    • What is the actual problem you are experiencing? (what indication, error message, notification etc.etc)
    • What instructions were you previously provided? … and by whom
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The phone is a Samsung S9

I get many different messages. Not connected, sim card not recognized, not activated, and more.

I reseated the sim card several times. It works some of the time and not some of the time.

There seems to be something wrong with the sim card. I first activated with one sim card then changed to another in order to be on the Sprint network.

I used to be able to go to the Republic website and open a ticket. Members of the “community” were very helpful. Now the website is redesigned and I don’t see how to just open a ticket and get some help.

HOW DO I DO THAT??? Because I am not able to open a ticket, I am getting an email from you.

The reason I liked Republic is because I could ask a question and get help easily. If that’s no longer possible, I have a problem, Houston.



  • Here is the link to Submit a request – Republic Help, try doing it from a PC , and you will need to sign in.
  • You would get an email from me (via the forum) depending on how your forum preferences are set. You can change them by clicking on on your Icon (Blue K) top right then the :settingsicon:


Hi again,

When I go to my account settings, I don’t find any settings for the forum. I do see a place where I can open a ticket from settings. Is there a place where I can open a ticket on the page that comes up with the search for help bar?

Thanks, Kathy



Hi @katharinee.i191o2,

I’ve answered your other thread here: I have a problem with my sim card.

Though you’re receiving our replies via email, the conversation is occurring in Republic’s online Community forum. Rather than relying on email, you might try pointing your web browser of choice here: My sim card does not work all the time. I'm sick of this.

If you still wish to open a help ticket, you may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Tickets | Republic Wireless.

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The nano sim card is too small for me to put tape on the back. I would have to fold it to stick both the card and the holder. The holder doesn’r really have a back. It just has sides in the shape of the card.
Could I get a new sim card?
I bought the phone at Best Buy.



Hi Roland,

I think I need new sim cards. Origially I was sent two cards. One for the T mobile network which I activated first, and a second on for the Sprint network which they thought would give me more coverage on the east coast. Subsequently, I turned the phone off, but in the second sim card and activated the phone again.

How do I talk to the company about getting new sim cards?

Thanks, Kathy



Hi @katharinee.i191o2,

Several of us have provided the link for opening a help ticket with Republic staff. Since those don’t seem to be making it through to you via email, I suggest you send an email to help@republicwireless .com. Doing so will open a ticket with staff.



Hi Roland,
How do I talk to the company about getting a replacement sim card.
Hopefully, I am speaking to the community now.
Thanks, Kathy



The only way to contact Republic Wireless is by a Ticket … please see the above comment for the link



My sim card does not alway work correctly. I get messages that say I’m not connected, not activated, that I need to restart my phone to activate…among other things. I’ve had this problem before and followed the instructions to take out the sim card and make sure it’s places properly on the tray. It doesn’t seem held into place very securely, but I don’t see any other way to put it there than just making sure it’s oriented right lying flat.
I think there may be something wrong with the card itself.
Kathy Emerson



Hi @katharinee.i191o2,

It’s possible the SIM is “loose”. We’ve seen that with other phones though not the Samsung S9 you reference in your other thread. A decidedly low tech fix that’s worked in those cases is to apply a piece of tape to the non-contact side of the SIM holding it more securely in place.

Other possibilities include a defective SIM or defective SIM card reader in the phone. Please let us know if the low tech fix helps. If not, we’ll explore other possibilities.


My sim card does not work all the time. I'm sick of this

Hi @katharinee.i191o2,

One caveat on the low tech fix I suggested. If you decide to try it, please be certain the thickness of any tape used does not make it difficult to put the SIM tray back in your phone. In other words, if you need to force it back in the tape is too thick. We wouldn’t want anything to become stuck inside the phone.



What other phones? Moto G5 Plus, perhaps?



The Republic help document related to this lists the:

  • Moto G4
  • Moto G4 Play
  • Moto G5 Plus
  • Moto G5S Plus

at "No SIM Card - Emergency Calls Only" on Moto G4 – Republic Help



For those reading this topic - I’ve merged two conversations that were on the same topic, resulting in what appears to be a disjointed conversation above.

The OP has been able to open a Support ticket.

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