My Sisters Moto G phone sends the same text message out multiple times...What gives?


What phone do you have? Its a older Moto G
What plan are you on? Refund plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data,Talk & Txt

Issue Description:

If she sends my family a group text we get the same one about 5 times spread over 30-45 minute time frame. Im reaching out to try and get ideas as to what is causing this issue.


This usually happens mid transition from WiFi and Cell from my experience but usually not 5 texts.

Some more information would be helpful such as:

  • Is she on WiFi or Cell?
  • Does this happen if you turn WiFi off?
  • What carrier is on the receiving end?
  • Do you have a strong cell signal if on Cell?


Is she on WiFi or Cell? She is mostly on WiFi
Does this happen if you turn WiFi off? I get her to try it…
What carrier is on the receiving end? Multiple with other family members but Im on RW also
Do you have a strong cell signal if on Cell? I would guess its not a very strong cell signal where she lives because its rural.


Does iMessage (Apple) come into play?


iMessage should only come into play if @stay_thirsty’s sister was once an iPhone user and her number wasn’t deregistered. Since she’s on an older Moto G, this would seem unlikely. Apple’s iMessage can’t magically highjack numbers not once registered with it. :grinning:


This usually happens because the local network is having an issue and we are not getting the necessary confirmation back to the phone starting that the message made it to the carrier, then the phone retries until it gets a confirmation. We have more control over the behavior of Republic Anywhere, using our app usually fixes the issue since we can better recognize and handle network issues.


I asked her to shut off wifi and only send the text over cell…the issue cleared up and only sent it one time so it does have something to do with the wifi/cell switch. Seanr I am not familiar with the Republic Anywhere App…is that a stand alone download from the Play store?


It is. More about Anywhere here: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless.


Thank you…That will probably really help her situation.
Appreciate the responses!


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