My Social Security 2FA texts stopped getting through

The Social Security Administration online login (my Social Security) uses two factor authentication by sending a verification code by short code text. I used this feature on October 29 successfully–three times in the same day. Since then I have tried a few times, even on different days to be sure it’s not a temporary problem on their end, and I have not been receiving the texted code. Is there anything that may have changed with Republic short code texting? The successful codes came from 79913.
Moto G5 Plus

Hi @travish.3ykfmb and welcome to the Community!

First, nothing has changed with Republic’s text messaging. That said, something may have changed with SSA’s (Social Security Administration) willingness to text Republic numbers.

Please allow me to provide some context: Republic’s use of VoIP is part of the nature of its’ blended WiFi/cell service.

Some service providers object to VoIP numbers because according to the FCC, they are landlines (wireline is the more correct industry term) and these providers believe VoIP numbers are incapable of receiving text messages. There is nothing Republic can do to change this regulatory classification. As you know, your Republic number is fully capable of receiving both calls and text messages.

Other service providers believe VoIP numbers are a security risk. They are wrong about this, however, Republic cannot control the policy decisions of others.

I’m not yet certain the above explains your experience and am trying to confirm. Meanwhile, according to SSA, the 2FA code can also be sent by email:


Hi @travish.3ykfmb - I just enabled 2FA with RW cell phone on my SSA account and it works perfectly. Might want to login with code sent via E-mail and verify cell phone number under security settings on SSA site.

FWIW - should not (does not) make a bit of difference, but I tested on WiFi only and then cell only and 2FA worked both ways.

Wanted to let you know 2FA via RW cell phone is working for me! Maybe others will weigh in with other suggestions.


I just got a code from SSA for 2FA…seems to be working for me as well.


Hi @travish.3ykfmb,

SSA 2FA is working for me as well, however, you are not the only one who’s mentioned not receiving SSA’s codes in the past few days. In addition to helping out here in the Community, I’m one of Republic’s Community Experts and folks have mentioned it there as well. For more on Republic’s Community Expert program, please see here:

Would you be kind enough to let us know if this now works for you?


The SSA 2FA did not work for me today and I needed it to work. Now I need to wait 7-10 days to play with snail mail.

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I have my account enabled to send codes by E-mail or cell phone. Just select between which way I want the code delivered during the login. Sorry you’re stuck with snail mail now. Yes, I’m a kind of belt and suspenders type :grin:

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I am only offered my cell phone number. There isn’t any other option avail to me on the SSA website. There’s a change my option and it leads to receiving snail mail to with a code to get me in & change my method.

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While I was successful the first time (to test for @travish.3ykfmb ), a second attempt did NOT send me a code.
Like @freddyp, I added my email address as an option for contacting me (as well as by text), and was still able to get in.

@bocephous, once you get back into your SSA account go to your security setting and there should be the option to add an email address for authentication.


Well I must not be crossing my fingers correctly. The first three logins to my SSA account using codes received via cell phone worked great during setup and testing after @travish.3ykfmb post.

Decided to go set up SOs account for verification code via cell phone a couple of hours later. Nope…no-go. Went back to my account and it’s also a no-go now.

RW is reporting “We are currently seeing a delay in MMS delivery and receipt due to an issue with one of our partners.” Doubt this has anything to do with my new failures with SSA because other texts continue to arrive. But I’ll test again in AM once partner corrects the problem just in case.

Just glad that both SSA accounts are setup for verification code via E-mail. Receipt of codes via E-mail continues to work with no problems or delays. Would hate to face snail mail like @bocephous. For once it looks like the belt and suspenders worked :grin:

Don’t have a solution but thought I could at least share my experiences with this issue today.

UPDATE 11-9-2019: Received codes about an hour later last night. Of course this did no good since codes expire after 10 mins. Went in this AM (7:30 PST) and setup SO with 2FA with no issues. Both accounts are now working with 2FA codes with no problem.


Not working for me at 09:41 EST. I’ll give it a day before requesting the snail mail solution.
UPDATE, Sunday 13:00 EST, still not working, and I haven’t received any of the delayed codes as others have. If it makes any difference, mine is a GSM phone.

Same happened to me. Had 3 codes pop in a little over an hour after requesting them last night. (Was supposed to be within 3 min) :roll_eyes:


Same problem with Wells-Fargo!

Different problem with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo actively blocks messages to Republic: Alternative Bank Authentication Methods

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have not been able to receive any code at all from ssa for more than a week. no problem with any other txt message including financial institutes.

Thanks! I tried again just now and I still don’t receive the texts at all (they’re not just delayed). I have requested the snail mail reset code from the SSA, so I can at least start the process of using my email for verification. I will submit a ticket.

While NOT SSA related, I have had very similar issues with Microsoft sending a code then rejecting that very same code.

The last time it took 5 tries before it was accepted. Seems this might be an issue with the 2FA process and how various entities utilize it.

Hi @craigw.vkuxs3

I have found using the Microsoft Authenticator app to work well, especially with their services.

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I’m having the same issues with the SSA 2FA process. any fixes or updates on this issue?

Unfortunately, the experience doesn’t seem to be at all consistent. I just signed into my SSA account after receiving the necessary 2FA code via text message to my Republic number instantly.

It’s difficult to fix (if the problem is even at Republic’s end rather than SSA’s) that which fails for some but not all or fails inconsistently. Perhaps, it would be insightful if folks not receiving 2FA codes from SSA let us know the brands, models and generations of the affected phones?

Meanwhile, is there an option for you to switch SSA 2FA codes to email. That too seems to be inconsistently offered but is worth looking into if available to you.

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