My son purchased a new

My son had to purchase a new republic wireless phone, as a result we were forced to get a new plan. His old plan had 3 gig of cell data, and when he hit that limit he was throttled back but still had data. His new plan that we were forced to switch to has 4 gig of data, but today he said that he hit his limit and he nnowbhas no cell data, is this correct? His old plan had unlimited data, ha

A slightly different take on the same question, if somebody can incorporate it in their answer. For the past few days I haven’t had WIFI access so I’ve depended on the mobile data for my internet. I went to check how much of my 1G that I’ve used and the app told me I had used all of it. This surprised me as I haven’t done much if any video or music. Also I’m able to browse with Chrome today, which surprises me if I’m out of data.

Is there any tool that is more fine-grained about data usage, either which app consumed how much data, or at least date/time of usage?

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