My son says his phone loses data quickly...He's wondering if his data is unlimited...He's always on wifi at home...Any thoughts?

My son says his data expires quickly…He’s always on wifi in the house…Is it unlimited? Any thoughts? Thanks!

I don’t know how much cellular data you have purchased for your son, but my son could go through 1 gigabyte in very short order if I didn’t have the apps on his phone set to conserve cellular data. There are some good tips at Optimize Apps for WiFi . Even so, streaming video away from Wi-Fi can still eat through cellular data quickly.

Yea, he has 1 gig…He’s always playing games and in you tube but he says he’s on wifi…Maybe games eat up data while on wifi?

joshs.9hcorv wrote:

Maybe games eat up data while on wifi?

Not typically. Are there areas of your house that Wi-Fi doesn’t reach, is it possible that his phone sometimes drops the Wi-Fi connection? Keep in mind, if he streams video when he’s out and about:

YouTube and video streaming. 2.5 - 6MB per minute.
Streaming video is one of the biggest data killers you can have. Taking the average of several YouTube videos, we found that Standard Definition (SD) took up between 2-3MB per minute and High Def (HD) went as high as 6MB per minute on a 720p display.

It was easy to limit apps on Republic 2.0. On Republic 3.0 I use Data Eye app to restrict cellular data. The only apps that need cell data [through data eye] are download manager, google services, and google play store.

Thanks for the help!

Thanks all!

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