My son's G4 isn't charging correctly and doesn't see sim card


The phone is about 6 months old and seems to be working fine. Yesterday morning my son said he thought it had overheated and it wasn’t charging properly and/or discharging very quickly. At the same time, he said that his phone wasn’t recognizing his sim card. He said he restarted the phone a couple times and it didn’t help. Did my son fry his phone or is there something that I can do to solve/troubleshoot this issue?


First, see if the phone works OK in Safe Mode. This might be caused by an app running wild.

Safe Mode and 3.0

If that doesn’t help find the problem here is the link to get warranty service for this model:

Service & Repair - Moto G 4th Generation


I wonder if this is an extension of the issue widely reported on the 2.0 Refund Plans…with the updates to Facebook and Facebook messenger apps.

If your son uses those apps, try to uninstall those apps and see if that improves the performance.


Hi @chrisk.2ljdaf,

Are you certain this is a Moto G4 and not the Moto G3? I ask because you mention the phone being six months or so old. You wouldn’t have been able to activate a G4 on Republic earlier than August, which is more like 3 months. If it is the G3, this sounds like a known issue with a recent update to Facebook as @amitl suggests.

For other members, removing Facebook, restarting the phone then reinstalling Facebook, if desired, seems to solve the problem. Please let us know if that solves the problem or you need further assistance.


Yes - sorry - my son has corrected me. It’s a G3.


Hi @chrisk.2ljdaf,

Thank you for confirming that. Have you or your son tried removing Facebook from the phone to see if that helps restore stability? If Facebook is not on the phone or removing it doesn’t help, please let us know.


Yes - I can confirm that he has deleted Facebook and I told him to work back and uninstall any other apps he’s installed over the last week. He is skeptical, but his phone is now recognizing the sim card although he seems to be continuing to have the battery issue. We are going to monitor the situation and see if it improves.

BTW, I greatly, GREATLY appreciate the help. We were thinking he needed a new phone and we can’t swing $200+ right now. Very appreciative!


Hi @chrisk.2ljdaf ,

I’m confident he doesn’t need to uninstall any other apps. We’ve seen quite a bit of this particular issue with a recent update to the Facebook app.

In fact, in most cases, once you uninstall the app and reboot the phone, it’s ok to re-install the app. It’s not the app itself causing the issue, it’s something about the update. A clean install seems to work fine.


Hi @chrisk.2ljdaf,

You and your son are most welcome! I see @southpaw@rw (you couldn’t be in better hands) followed up with you last night. Should there be any lingering effects, please let us know.