My spacebar is missing

Ook… so I went to text someone this morning and realized my fricking spacebar is missing… I can’t put spaces in anything. I don’t know where my spacebar is, what’s going on… It just vanished. I know it was there the other day… Anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix it? As I’d really hate to throw my phone against a wall several times.

try clearing the cache of the GBoard app

setting–>APPS–>All Apps–> GBoard

If you have multiple keyboards…then the space-bar might display something like “English”…to show you your currently selected keyboard. It should still provide spacebar function. If you long-press it…it will allow you to change the keyboard selection.

Well ok… cleared the cache, did nothing… there was no “english” as there was no spacebar or upper/lowercase icon… I went into the keyboard layouts, added a non-english layout to my keyboard and now it works. It looks like crap compared to what it did look like, but least now I have a spacebar and upper/lower case icon thing now… and now I do have a huge "English’ over it… but it works now.

the next thing I would try would be to uninstall Gboards updates and then reboot and update GBoard again

though google play store search for GBoard and tap uninstall

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