My story regarding my indestructible Republic Wireless phone by Motorola!

Hey, just wanted to share a story about my phone:

I was riding my motorcycle and apparently my phone (and sunglasses) fell out of my pocket as I rounded a corner. I was unaware but a passing motorist saw this occur and stopped to get my ‘stuff’. They pulled over and got out to go retrieve my phone and glasses. However, before they could pick them up, a Semi Truck ran them over :frowning: The people who stopped grabbed them anyway and much to their surprise, the phone was hardly scratched!!! The sunglasses, on the other hand, were destroyed :frowning:

I discover my phone is missing and look everywhere and cannot find it! Later, I got an email from a Realtor who I was working with on a transaction. Said, someone called him and they have my phone! I use my wife’s phone to contact this good Samaritan and meet up (about 30 miles from my house) and they give me my phone. I immediately start using it to catch up on all the ‘stuff’ I missed. Phone works great!! You cannot tell it was run over by a truck!

Just wanted to share :slight_smile: Thank you Republic Wireless and Motorola!!


Hey, great story … If I may ask, which phone and what case was it in?

Motorola G6
Case: ?? Inexpensive soft case that protects the edges :slight_smile:

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