My two cents about Republic users and current issues

First, let me say that I have been with Republic for a number of years with 4 phones on our current plan and have been happy with my experience thus far. Now on to my thoughts about what is going on currently. If you look at the forums, there are a number of postings about the problems with switching to the new plans. Republic had made it very clear that systems were not in place to make this a smooth process, but they were allowing people to switch anyway. If they didn’t let people move, people would have been upset that this new plan was only for new subscribers so Republic was in a no-win situation with this, unless they put everything off until those systems were in place, which would have been the smart thing to do in retrospect. I honestly do not believe they thought it was going to be this bad. I don’t blame people for wanting to take advantage of the new plans, but sometimes patience is a virture. I also know some were in a position with having to get new phones which forced the move, but others just wanted to jump first and ask questions later. Live and Learn! I took the advice and decided to wait. I’m glad I did. We rely at times on the wifi calling feature and the fact we would no longer have this capability did not come out until after the new plans were up and running, or at least I had not seen that this was going to be the case. Now people who wanted to be the first ones to move to the new plan have found this hard reality and are not happy. I, like many on this board, have looked at other service providers only to find out that I still might not have wifi calling unless I buy new phones directly from that provider, which I’m not ready to do as ours are not that old. So, I am stuck with my old plan (which works fine and we have the data we need at the price we want to pay). Would I like to move to an unlimited plan for just a few dollars more, of course, but the wifi calling feature outweighs that at this time.


Hi @kevins.k2y5wk,

Thank you for the well thought our perspective. Patience is indeed an underrated virtue. I’m going to point something out for others reading:

Candidly, most of the activation issues have been related to number transfer (porting) failures. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether one’s number is being ported from 4.0 (or earlier) to 5.0 or if one is porting a number in from another carrier. In other words, right now, the process leaves as much to be desired for new or returning members as it does for those moving from 4.0 to 5.0.

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Yeah…this should have been beta tested before a general launch. This mess appears to have occurred because there wasn’t adequate testing. I don’t put blame on the customers. A company that put satellites in orbit should have better planned for this.


They hire someone else to do that for them and it appears they should have outsourced all this too. I wouldn’t trust DISH to snake my sewer drain much less provide my cell phone or TV service at this point.


Well, they separated that part out, anyway. But Charlie was there when they still owned and maintained the (EchoStar) satellite fleet.

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How do we know much of this fiasco wasn’t outsourced?

I guess we don’t. If it is, I hope that DISH is already working on severing ties with whomever is responsible no matter how many cows they have.

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I think the only thing I would add here is that with the existing customer base there is going to be an ongoing need for customers to need to move service to new devices for all kinds of reasons. Anyone who has cell service with any provider has the expectation to be able to move service to a new device if it breaks or is lost or you just want a new phone. When 5.0 went live this basic level of service feature was broken for existing customers, especially those on CDMA sims. The ability to activate 4.0 was disabled and the activation process for 5.0 was launched in a broken state. So while waiting doesn’t create a problem for most existing customers it does severely impact some and all of us have to hope that we don’t have a need to change devices while this gets fixed. I think most people expect to be able to get a line back up and running on a new device in a timely manner if a phone is lost or broken today.


I’m sure you’re 100% right about this. And while Republic has proven itself to have achieved the height of incompetence on this transition, they’re not stupid, and I’m quite sure they’re aware of the same. We’ll likely never know the internal consequences of this dumpster fire circus clown car accident of a rollout, if people or vendors aren’t being fired then DISH/Republic gets exactly what it deserves.


Yes, I am stuck because I had a device eat it two days before Christmas and another on its last legs and unable to keep a charge. The 4.0 ship had sailed, especially since I am a CDMA customer, so I couldn’t just move SIM cards and keep the current plan for a few more months until all the kinks got worked out. I had already ordered Pixel 5a phones for the kids to replace their Moto X4s and honestly the 5.0 $30 unlimited plan is a great fit for my needs. But due to the absolute flustercluck that has been the port over, I’ve got kids finishing up their first week of the new school year with nice new phones that are basically bricks when they leave the house. They can’t even get on the high school WiFi because registration requires a text message string to be sent and received. I will likely be cancelling the port out request next week and begin transferring all four lines to a new service provider.


This, I believe is a very relevant point. Much of the righteous frustration about the very short list of current Republic phones that are 5.0 certified for wifi calling has lead to the false assumption that many of those same “no” phones will be wifi calling capable “yes” with a different mvno. That’s not true in most cases.

The wifi calling with Republic has spoiled many of us to the point that we know we “need” it but may not be aware of whether it’s a necessity 10% of the time or 90% of the time.

Yes, BUT many (90%) of us without cell coverage signed up for a “wifi first” company, that CHOSE to sell out to a ‘wfi last’ company. I’m still hoping when the dust settles, that AT&T will still support an MVNO “wifi first” mentality. I’ll hold on to that hope until June.


I hear you. Once I viewed the 5.0 wifi calling phone list, I realized my phone (Galaxy S9) won’t wifi call with ATT. So now I have a choice. Take the leap and hope ATT coverage covers my home and work places. Or, hold onto 4.0 (I’m GSM) until it’s time to replace our phones again.

Even thought my wife and I are a good fit for 5.0, we are hanging with 4.0 for now. Can’t trust cell reception at my work and TMO is actually poor at our house. Wifi calling saves the day!. We could move to another company, but 4.0 suffices.


Was it a Moto e4 that couldn’t keep a charge? Mine just started to do that and is less than 4 years old.

My experience is that phone batteries typically degrade after 3 years. My original Pixel phone batteries were good for ~2.5 years. I just plan on replacing my phone every 3 years.

I am also staying with my choice until either my S9+ dies or Repuplic Anywhere is terminated.

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I replaced the battery and it is still barely charging

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I opened a new account and didn’t port my number (like a newbie). The order was placed on Dec. 29, and I had the SIM in hand on Jan. 3. I had everything activated and operational in less than 10 minutes.

Nobody is denying there are real problems, but newbie-wise everything was pretty OK when accepting a new phone number. I also appear to have been pretty fortunate in that I haven’t yet received a single spam call on the new number.


Just because someone might have a different opinion doesn’t make personal insults appropriate.

My comment to which you replied had nothing to do with plans or one’s opinion of those plans. I was commenting on the activation experience only.