My two cents about Republic users and current issues

I see they finally suspended moving existing members to the 5.0 plans. They have the alert posted at the top of just about every page of their site.

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Better late than never .

I didn’t know that the 5.0 plan would not allow WiFi calling. My wife’s phone was on it’s last leg’s and was a continuous pain to keep it operating. I bought her a new phone for Christmas and had plans to have it activated and her # ported on Christmas day. I attempted to set it up according to the instructions from Republic and all they did was charge my credit card for the new account. After a few days of attempting to activate the new 5.0 plan for my wife’s phone I got fed up and set up with Mint Mobile for her phone only. It’s a prepaid plan but I got 6 months for $55.00. (Christmas promotion) While waiting for the SIM card to come in I went back to Republic to see if the issues had been resolved. On this attempt There was a new set of instructions on how to set up a new 5.0 account. I followed these instructions, only to see they had charged my card again. I contacted Republic about this ( as my old plan was to be charged as of 12/25), they assured me I would be credited for only the days I used the old plan and credited for the unused days. After many failed attempts to move to the 5.0 plan I got fed up and moved both of my phones to Mint Mobile. I get WiFi calling, 4GB of data monthly, unlimited talk and text. We are not big users of data
when away from WiFi. Granted after the 6 month promotion the rate goes to a little over $20 per month (per phone) for Mint, but things are going fine now. This rate is very close to what I was paying Republic. I have contacted Republic about the charges, as to date They haven’t done anything. I was with Republic for 8 years and no plans on leaving, but the inability to make this a smooth transition made me very doubtful that I wanted to stay. BTW my phones are both Motorola bought from Motorola and unlocked.


2 cents broke my bank

I ported my wife’s phone to Mint as a test.
For 3 months now she is pleased. Priced at 15 per month (yearly subscription) with 4 Gigs of data and great WiFi calling - cannot go wrong.
I have 2 other Republic lines that will likely be ported in the next week or so - due to the voicemail, echo problem and porting issues. Just too much wrong - too often and still a bit expensive. BTW, AT&T service is NOT considered average by most reviewers. In all fairness, my 9+ years with Republic were great. But the company decided to change - so I must also change.