My Voice Very Quiet on Calls


I have a Moto G 1st Gen, I am on the old Wifi Cell Talk and Text and 3G Data plan.

Issue Description

Last Monday, halfway through a phone conversation, the person I was talking to said my voice got very quiet. Ending the call and starting a new one didn’t fix it, but I had to go do something anyway, so we ended the call and I thought nothing of it, figuring it was a fluke.

Today I had my first phone call since then, and the person I was talking to reported the same thing. I tried resetting the phone, and switching from Wifi to Cell Network, but to no avail. Any idea if I could have changed some kind of option by mistake? I tried poking around on the phone and on-line, but I didn’t see anything.


Hi @stevil2001,

Your first instinct to try switching between Wi-Fi and Cell was a good one. I’m sorry to see that didn’t make a difference.

Here are some other things to try.

Has the microphone recently become blocked with lint or a screensaver that has a poorly-designed cut-out? Is your case blocking the microphone?
Is the volume better if you use speakerphone or mic’d earbuds?

You wrote that you tried resetting the phone. Was that a complete factory reset, and did you then prevent your third-party apps from re-installing?
Have you recently installed any new apps or updated any existing apps that might be causing a conflict? Put the phone in Safe Mode and see if the volume is any better.

Try clearing the cache. Doing so can sometimes fix some curious glitches.


Okay, so I rebooted in safe mode, and cleared the cache, and nothing worked. But then I stuck a toothpick in the microphone hole, and now it’s fine, so there must have been gunk in it. Thanks so much!


We’ve seen this a number of times, here in the forums. If you keep your phone in your pockets, you might want to make a practice of cleaning the lint out of the pocket you keep the phone in. I sometimes use my pockets, too. But, I make it a point to put it in top down.


Like I said in the original, it happened mid-conversation. I think I was cooking and talking, so I suspect it was something from cooking that got from my hands to the mic.

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