My wife's new republic phone shows her text coming from the wrong number

What phone do you have? Moto play

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
data included

Issue Description

my wife’s new republic phone shows her text coming from the wrong number. I also have a republic phone. She When she started on Republic her phone number was not ported so she had been given a new number. Her phone has been switched to her old number but I am still receiving text (voice is correct) from her temporary new number. Is it my phone or hers? Other people she texts are seeing the correct number?

Hi @jamesl.vjfnyh,

My guess is both you and your wife need to turn off “chat features” in Google’s Messages app. Republic does not support “chat features” because they do not work reliably with Republic service.


The number your seeing is your underlying number. I had that problem but then I checked and did software updates (found in system) and also updated all my apps including RW app in Google play. I then turned off and back on the chat features and haven’t had any issues since (didn’t have any before when using it either).

While the chat features may sometimes be the issue, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes it’s just a need to update. i never had an issue with them working with RW before and haven’t since either.

Hi @rebecca.b,

While I agree unsupported and don’t work aren’t always the same thing, the reality with “chat features” is they’re unreliable when combined with Republic service. I’ve seen enough evidence here in Community and fielding questions on Republic’s behalf as an Expert Customer to conclude Republic’s guidance to turn off “chat features” in Messages by Google is best practice.

Moreover, unlike SMS and MMS, Republic does not whitelist cell data used by “chat features” (RCS). This means if one is on a talk & text only plan, “chat features” will fail. It also means if one has purchased cell data for Internet access when out, about and away from WiFi, cell data used by “chat features” (unlike SMS and MMS) will be deducted from cell data one might want to reserve for other things.


I think it needs to be emphasized that this issue with chat features seems to be more towards those that use cdma. From our experience, it Isn’t prevelent with gsm. With our older phones with cdma, we did have issues and did not use it. but our previous and current phones are GSM and hence no issues once updates were complete. As for it using data, it wouldn’t use data if used over wifi, but I could see how it might be an issue for someone without a data plan it in fact it is using data when not on wifi. those without a data plan can still use apps over wifi. but without wifi it could be an issue without a data plan. I haven’t found that to be the case on my phone or my daughter’s, but maybe it is on others. If it is using data it is very minimal as we have not noticed a drop in data when using it and also we still have data left at the end of every month and we use a LOT of data over cell. Being Deaf my calling app uses a lot of data and I have cell use turned on for it so calls are clearer when I am home or not at home. Cell is just clearer than Wifi for the other party and my transcriptions. I personally like using chat features because it tells me when a message is sent, delivered, and received. And for me that’s important.

Everything is up to date. Restarting doesn’t help. Apparently I have the only phone that shows the wrong number

That fixed it thanks.


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