Myrtle Point, OR

We’re moving to the coquille/ myrtle point area which is much more rural than where we live now. Our current phones do not work out there. Wondering if anyone in that area uses republic wireless with any success? And which phones you use? I can see on the website which ones it says will work there. Wanting to make sure though.

Depending on the exact location the CDMA (Sprint) looks like a better choice
Here are the two maps to drill in with.
Check it out and then see what the coverage checker 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless suggest.
Here is a doc provided by the community that can be used to compare phones and help narrow down your choices
Detailed Supported Phone Features

RootMetrics looks like there is good T-Mobile around Coquille … but there is quite a bit of ?? spots along the way.


I would just like to point out that both Republic partners are roaming in these area which make me wonder if Republic would be a good fit in the area
just a note CDMA partner is Sprint and the GSM partner is T-Mobile


The best is VZ for that area an then sprint Iam in that area an all up the coast fishing all the time

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