#myrwsavings , a blessing of savings!😍

#MYRWSAVINGS , Republic Wireless has been a blessing for me as far as saving money at the perfect time in my life. As a former Sprint Customer I was tired of paying monthly bills between $75 and $150 with little to no use of my phone capabilities so I accidentally came upon a Republic Wireless add would I was searching for a new cellular phone company I knew little of connecting with Wi-Fi Etc but the wonderful pricing convince me to at least research it and I am so glad I did. I thought I do a trial run that it wouldn’t hurt and here I am 3 years later still with my Republic Wireless I hope they always keep their service and excellent customer care going. Now I pay a little under $25 a month and it comes at a time in my life where I had lost my job and every penny counts so thank you so much Republic Wireless for being available and having given me the option to still be able to keep in touch a communicate with those around me.

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