MySMS as default?


What will happen if I switch my default texting app to mySMS? Will my texting stop working right? I like to be able to text from my computer and it is working for that. If I make it my default, I can manage everything from one place instead of having to go into my phone and mark my messages as read.


Hi @Doubtless,

The answer, in part, depends upon which Republic phone you are referencing. If you have a 3.0 phone, Republic supports Google’s Android Messages and its’ own newly released Republic Anywhere. mySMS might work if the developer coded support for Android’s system messaging API into the app.

If you own a legacy Republic phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2), Republic supports Google’s Android Messages and the bundled AOSP Messaging app. mySMS (and other third party apps) should work for SMS but will not work for MMS (picture and group messaging).


Sorry, I have a Galaxy J3.


By the way, I need a web based service on my computer at work. I can’t install Republic Anywhere as an app, and I understand it doesn’t have a web based platform.


You can DL the app and try. Unless somebody here has done that in the past and contributes their experience installing app is best way to answer your own question. There’s a slew of messaging apps and RW doesn’t provide tech support for most or try them all out.


No need for an apology. Samsung’s Galaxy J3 is supported as a Republic 3.0 phone. There’s no harm to be done by trying mySMS as suggested by @williamo.vkbg0s.

On the other hand, if interested in something web based that would work with Android Messages, you might look at MightyText:

I’m confident there will one day be a web based version of Republic Anywhere but today is not that day.


Thanks. I have been using MightyText. It mostly works, but it missed messages a little too frequently for me, and this has caused problems communicating with my wife while I’m at work. I have been testing out mySMS, but it looks like it left off a bunch of messages from last night. So, neither of them are consistent. However, they probably would be if I could make one of them my default app. When I try, I get a message on my phone from my Republic app that says it won’t work with my Republic plan. Should I ignore that message and use mySMS/MightyText as a default anyway?


You shouldn’t. That message means that the app isn’t using the system API and you’ll have inconsistent results with SMS and be unable to send/receive MMS.

I’ve been using AirDroid successfully, for quite a while, as a means of syncing my texts, without missing messages. You may want to give that a shot.


Okay, thanks. You’re right, I have tried changing my default, and it doesn’t seem to be working. I might try AirDroid. Much appreciated.


Does AirDroid work as a web-based platform on the computer, or does it require an app to be installed the pc?


It does have a web interface:


Okay, cool. Thanks.


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