Mystery icon that won't go away

My father has a Moto G (3rd Gen) and he has a ghost icon. If you touch it, it does nothing,. You cannot Delete it or move it, or remove it. I hope to be able to add a print screen, but just in case I cannot it looks like a grayed out version of the original Messenger program – a thought bubble. My dad is using the Beta version of Anywhere and it is working fine. Any ideas?

My first suggestion would be to simply restart the phone. Does this get rid of the icon?

Nope. Interestingly, the icon is appearing as the phone is on the “Acitvating” screen. Nothing else dispays on that screen, but this mystery icon does. Odd?!?!?

well, I decided to look in Apps and he was wanting to delete anything he didn’t use. I had to struggle with him to NOT delete preloaded apps, even if he didn’t use them. When I went into Apps and cleared out data for TalkBack and the icon went away !!. Fingers crossed it stays AWAY.


Hi @kimberlyh.rlspfv Thanks for reporting back!

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