Name/Phone number not showing up in contacts. But can search and it comes up. And "OK Google" will dial them

Using Moto X4. For many contacts whom I frequently call, their Name/Phone number never shows up in contacts. But I can search (typing) the name and it comes up fine and will call the contact with no problem. Also “OK Google” will dial them if I verbally give the name. e.g. Saying “Call Liz Smith” works fine. It just that Liz Smith’s name is not visible anywhere in the contacts list.
Thank you so much!

Hi @charleswm

It may be that Google is storing these in the “Other contacts” category. Please try the following using a computer with a browser:

Login to the same Google account that’s on your phone and go to the following link.

In the column on the left side of the screen, select “Other contacts”
Do you see the contacts you’ve been able to dial but not find in Contacts?

If you want to move these so they show up with the other contacts, select each of these contacts by clicking the letter to the left of each one. Then select the “Add contact” icon.

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