Nationwide Outage Concern

I find it discomforting that T-Mobile’s network has been engineered such that there was a nationwide problem with call-completion today. I spent much of my career as a telecommunications engineer, and one thing we always worked for was redundancy, multiple cable paths, and the like. One point of failure taking our much of the company’s system throughout the U.S. seems like poor design.

Ah well, I’m in my 70s now, and perhaps engineers are taught that cost is primary these days. You kids get off my lawn!!!


Issues here in GA for the last 2-3 hours.

Even my G3 WiFi only plan won’t call out and X4 down for all out going calls.


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

Your G3 on a WiFi only plan would in no way be impacted by T-Mobile’s network outage, unless, of course, you’re calling a number on T-Mobile’s network. You may want to troubleshoot that separately in our Community or open a Help Ticket for assistance.

Hi @southpaw,

Your right, I later found G3 had no issue calling my X4 when both were on WiFi. Not sure what networks all calls using G3 were to but I’ve read other major provider’s networks may have outage issues too.

Found it strange a nearby friend was able to call me when X4 on WiFi but I was unable to call them, they use normal TMo service and quality of the two calls was bad.

Hopefully all will be back to normal soon.


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