Nature Photography Day is today!


Here at RW we have a thing for green :wink:

In honor of nature photography day (and because I’m a faux photographer) here are some photos I’ve taken with my Moto G5S+. I’ve been pretty impressed with the photo quality of the camera.

How’s your phone camera stack up? Post a nature picture below you’ve taken with your RW phone.


Here is one I took last weekend with my Nexus 5x. It’s zoomed in all the way but still turned out okay.


Beautiful, where is this?


Japanese Garden in Bloomington, MN. It’s a gorgeous piece of nature and I don’t take enough advantage of it.


Just a peony in the yard today. Galaxy S7 edge. I want to tape the flower to my nose, it smells so good.


A few from the various places I have lived or visted:

Charleston, SC

San Gimignano, Italy

Pupukea, HI


While, this wasn’t taken by me, or on a R.W phone, Came from a past co-worker of mine, taken a few weeks ago of the weather here in MN. (weather is part of nature)


I have always like taking night photos. A shame that my Pixel XL does not have a manual camera mode, would have been able to due much better.


Oh wow! That’s magnificent, I would love to see this in person.


Colorado Springs, CO and Burlington, NC

You could always look into something like Camera FV-5 or Open Camera.

They both offer some additional controls. I’ve had pretty good success with both.


I have, but I found that 3rd party apps do not produce as good image quality as the Official Google Camera app that is optimized to the camera sensor and includes Google’s software wizardry.

Also, often, a 3rd party camera app just crashes when I try to set advanced manual settings, like ISO or Shutter, or it just ignores them, as I see when I view the image meta data.

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I definitely agree with you - I wish Google would put out a more “advanced” version of their native camera app.

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