Navigation with Bluetooth, voice instruction volume is reduced


I also have a problem with the voice when using my Bluetooth. I drive a Mercedes 2008 ml350 with Bluetooth for my Samsung S7 phone connection. When Bluetooth is activated, my voice directions are severely dampened when using either Waze or Here map applications. If I turn off my Bluetooth, they work fine. What can I do to fix this Problem?

Navigation without data for free - the solution is HERE

Wow! I had forgotten about that post from October 2014. I now have a Moto G4PLUS operating on nougat, and a couple Honda 2015 vehicles. I now use the Bluetooth mode on the radio and can listen to the directions over the radio while still being able to make and receive calls, and I’m happy with this. Of course I can’t listen to the radio while doing this. As before, if I turn Bluetooth connection off, the directions read on the phone. I haven’t explored if there are other ways to do this, but others may know ways to accomplish this. Some that use Uber have complained because they wanted to listen to their music at the same time.


Hi @richard_lindgren,

I moved your post to its own topic to see if we could get more attention to the matter, since it’s not specifically an issue with the Here app.


Are you using a cradle or a puck? From what I’ve been reading a puck works better and can handle other phones as well.

With that said, since it’s an older vehicle getting a puck might be a challenge. Have you contacted the local dealership?

Also, regarding volume, check on your car, there should be a menu option for volume for attached devices.

On your phone, please check the following settings:

Mobile Networks
Data Roaming
Keep all switches flipped ON
Then check Roaming Guard
Keep all switches flipped OFF

You have to check these settings again after any phone restarts.

Another thing that might help is downloading the area you’ll be travelling to. If data is spotty in the area, it should still give directions if the maps are downloaded to the phone.


I wanted to pop by and say that depending on some newer cars, they are able to intemperate the voice overs differently than streaming audio. In my car, (Chevy Bolt), there are separate volumes for Bluetooth music vs bluetooth voiceover. Unfortuantly for me, there is no easy way to just go into the settings to change the volumes in the car so the only way I know how to adjust my volumes is to raise or lower the volume right as Waze is currently talking.

One other option which isn’t exactly ideal is to also just force the voice directions via the cell phone speaker (like a old fashioned standalone gps). For example, you can have your phone via bluetooth for music but Waze has an option to still read directions over the phone’s speaker.


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