NC - State Employees' Credit Union 2 Factor Authentication SMS Short Code not received

I’m circling back to a closed/unresolved ticket I have ongoing issues with.

Are there any other RW’ers out there that use NC SECU and have 2 factor authentication working on a 3.0 phone?

On the 2.0 plans, this worked very well. After going to a 3.0 phone it doesn’t.

I have gotten various degrees of troubleshooting but no real information from RW. The blame has been placed on SECU but no explanation on why it worked on RW 2.0.

Balance inquiries work but the 2 factor authentication doesn’t.



Most of the 3.0 phones use GSM. Some of these SMS services ask you to identify your carrier. If yours does be sure to change that your provider is now T-Mobile instead of Sprint.

Hi @jasonc.j7er2y,

That would only work if one is using the phone’s secondary number (GSM or Sprint as appropriate). Our public facing Republic numbers are identified as neither GSM or Sprint.

Hi @joelb.wilmywood,

My understanding is that NC SECU was recently added to the list of supported short code providers. Would you be willing to share the short code these messages come from?

Additionally, are you using your public facing Republic number to receive these messages or your phone’s underlying or secondary number?


I am using my RW number and not the hidden one.

627328 is the SMS number. Again, this works fine for normal items.

On the 3.0 plan the 2 factor authentication info will not come through. It did on the 2.0 plans.

Hi @joelb.wilmywood,

That particular short code is not yet on the closest thing to a public list of short codes that should work: Bandwidth Voice & Messaging APIs - Can my Bandwidth phone number send SMS to a US and Canada Short Codes?

Still, very curious that it works on a legacy (2.0) phone but not a 3.0 phone. You mention working for normal items. Does NC SECU use a different short code for 2 factor authentication than for other things?

Hi @joelb.wilmywood ,

I have a SECU account and both 2.0 and 3.0 phones in my household, so I’ll see if I can duplicate what you’re experiencing sometime this week and try to get some additional info to our folks to look into it.

On initial contemplation, they suggest SECU may be sending the 2-factor auth code differently, perhaps from a different system using the same short-code.

Unfortunately, as with all things short-code, any change is a very slow process.

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