Nearly Obsolete Phone (Moto X) and Phone Plan Owner Contemplating Next Move

According to what I have read, my phone will be obsolete in June 2022. Therefore, my old $10 phone plan will become obsolete along with it. This reality forces me to contemplate my next move. I actually have done a little shopping outside of Republic Wireless and have found a tempting phone plan at US Mobile. The plan offers unlimited talk and text and 12 GB of data for $20 per month. Has anyone had any experience with this carrier?

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Actually, if the current date T-Mobile has announced holds, March 2022, not June.

I had one experience on their “Super LTE” network, which is Verizon. Like many Verizon MNVOs I found their data to be so badly deprioritized that it was largely useless in any congested areas. That said, on the other partner network, which is T-Mobile, I don’t imagine that would be a problem.

Well, according to this link, the Moto X won’t be deactivated until June.

I believe that article is incorrect and I’ve submitted a correction. I guess we’ll find out. Any phone incapable of VoLTE on the T-Mobile network will stop working in March. It is my belief that all 1.0/2.0 phones fall in to that bucket.

My Moto X2 supports 4G LTE and also has a VoLTE setting and indicates a “VoLTE provisioned flag” is enabled. That’s why I listed all of our legacy 4G-capable phones with the later date in that article. I do see that it does not have VoLTE as an option for network mode. I’ve updated the article and apologize for the incorrect information provided.