Need a cheap phone for my son



My son has a Moto E 1st gen. that is dying and we probably need to replace it. However, according to the Republic website, there are no “cheap” phones available in our service area, including the new Moto E. We are also in an area where bring your own phone is not supported. Which must be new because my wife and I both have Moto X Pure phones that we purchased at Best Buy and have had no problems (we were already with Republic and upgraded from our Moto G phones and ordered SIM cards for them). The cheapest phone listed on the website is $200. He is on the cheapest plan with just calls and texts and wifi only for data. He does not need an expensive phone. Any suggestions for us?


Republic coverage checker is not perfect
if indicating BYOD is not an acceptable option it due to them thinking the GSM network is not as good as the CDMA network in your area but they can be off (several phones and All BYOD SIM s are GSM only)

If you BYOD Moto X Pure are giving acceptable coverage I would order any phone in the Republic stable or bring any other approved devices

also note if you find coverage to be sub-pare one can create a support ticket and see if there anything Republic can to to improve it (this could be a convert to CDMA on phones that have both sets of radios)

the Moto E4 will be getting CDMA later this year (it a technical issue for activating CDMA between the CDMA partner (Sprint) and Republic

most of the cheaper phones are cheaper due to not putting CDMA radios in as one of the cost savings (Huawei Ascend 5W Samsung J3)

edit to add a link to the GSM partners coverage map for reference


Hi @kevins.k2y5wk

Unfortunately, the carrier maps and the RW coverage checker does not always tell the whole story or give a complete picture on what a customer may actually experience, (as you have already discovered with your MXP 's…I’m assuming you are on the GSM network).

Another thing to consider is that kids tend to use their devices much differently than most adults I know. Gaming and multimedia are usually a high priority for younger users, whereas battery life and simple functionality are more important for the aged, or less-young user…:slight_smile:.

I think you will get more accurate suggestions if you could tell us an age range and the area (zip code) the device will be use in.

Just my $0.02 worth.


I travel a bit more than my wife in the state, so I have had Republic change my Moto X pure to the other carrier, so we are each on different carriers, and we are both happy with the service. We are located in Central Illinois, specifically zip code 61530. My son is 15, at some point he may need to get some cell data, but for now he is on the $15/month plan and that is working for him. His Moto E 1st gen phone is constantly dying on him. There seems to be a battery issue and I have tried several things to fix it but nothing has helped. For example, it will show a 35% charge and then all of a sudden it shuts down and the low battery indicator shows up. It is an older phone, so it most likely has reached the end of its life cycle. Replacing the battery seemed to be a costly option as well, plus we don’t really know if that would fix the problem.


looking at the carrier maps I see better coverage with Sprint but T-Mobile also has decent coverage fro that zip

T-Mobile MVNO


When we first purchased our Moto X Pure’s we were both on the T-mobile network, but I switched mine back to the Sprint network due to some of the areas I travel to having better Sprint coverage. How do I bring my own phone now that it says BYOP is not available in my area, and I can’t even look to see what phones might be an option? I really do not want to buy a $200 phone. Call me cheap, but that is why I am with Republic. :slight_smile:


there are 2 options
1 pick a zip that does allow BYOD
or order from amazon (no coverage check there)
Republic SIM on Amazon


Or just scroll down to the bottom of the list of phones that come up when you search your ZIP, the click “Learn More” then on the next page: “Purchase a SIM kit”.


Another option that hasn’t been mentioned is to look for a previously used 1.0/2.0 RW device on sites like Swappa or Ebay. That could reduce the initial cost and ensure your son’s phone remains on CDMA until a future upgrade is desired.

Just a thought.


If GSM will work for you it should be a no-brainer for most to order the E4 from RW with SIM for $100. I believe you can still order without even tricking the system if you ignore the coverage warnings.


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