Need a good Texting App?

I was using the Anywhere App, but needed an app that repeats text notifications, as I work in a loud environment. I downloaded the free Verizon app from the app store and it works well. It’s loaded with other features as well. Hopefully, Anywhere will adapt some of them.
Update 3-18-18 the Verizon app performed most functions adequately. However, it couldn’t send texts with photo attachments for some reason, and I received strange “Download” icons at times. I’m trying Textra now. Simply need to have repeat notifications!

Hi @Wdemeter!

I know the Republic team is constantly working on improving Anywhere, so maybe we will see this feature implemented soon. I am sure they appreciate the suggestion!


Hi @Wdemeter,

It’s great when our Community members help one another with app suggestions, but I want to caution you about using a third-party app for texting.

We’re only able to officially support the Republic Anywhere and Android Messages apps for texting. While this doesn’t mean that nothing else will work, it does mean that if you should have issues, we’ll need you to switch back to a supported texting app if you want technical assistance.

Additionally, if it should turn out that the Verizon app is bypassing some needed RW functions, you may be contacted about use that is outside of our Terms and Conditions, and asked to switch back.

There are apps in the Google Play Store that will remind you of notifications, and for more than just texting. Perhaps someone in our Community can recommend a favorite and you can let us know if that solves the issue for you.

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southpaw has a good point about the support.

Textra messaging app has been recommended by some members and RW staff in the past. …Group texting isn't working while using wifi… It can be set up for repeating notifications and has worked well for me.

Hi @Wdemeter,

For what it’s worth, I tested Verizon’s Messages app this morning on a Republic phone. For me, it fails when sending MMS (picture and group messages). Issues with MMS as opposed to SMS (standard text messages) are the most common failures when using non-supported messaging apps.

In theory, any messaging app that supports Android’s system API should work. Obviously, Republic Anywhere and Android Messages do so and are officially supported by Republic. Other apps I’ve tried and found to work include Chomp, Signal and Textra. Textra does indeed have a recurring notifications feature. Chomp and Signal may, though I haven’t looked to confirm.

I don’t currently use a notifications reminder app but have taken this one for a test drive in the past:

Generally, I’m hesitant to suggest free apps as many are ad supported and I’m not a fan of ads in my apps. I don’t blame the developers, app development isn’t free. Missed Notifications Reminder is, however, both free and open source, so no ads. If you’re a supporter of the concept of open source software (as I am), you might consider grabbing it from F-Droid rather than Google Play:

Finally, I’d like to make a pitch for you (and others) to hang in there with Anywhere. Just as Verizon develops its messaging app for its customers, Republic is developing Anywhere for us. Anywhere is certainly a work in progress but the more Republic members using it and actively requesting feature enhancements the more likely we’ll all benefit from those potential enhancements. The place to make one’s voice heard regarding Anywhere feature enhancements is here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread.

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Thanks rolandh for getting me thinking. Always thought it would be good to have a missed call/VM audio reminder notification. Checked out Missed Notifications Reminder, it has good features. but seems to be lacking what I wanted. Found just what I was looking for and seems to work as advertised.

Missed call reminder, Flash on call


Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

What’s different between the two and what swayed you? Could you tell us more about what specifically was lacking in one up and what you found in the other? That info could others here make a choice without having to test out both.


The main difference I saw was the first didn’t have a missed call/VM notification audio reminder.

The missed call reminder app appears to be unique in having that capability and can be easily set up for other notification reminders as well.

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